Conveyancing charges fall into the following categories:


  • Residential sale or purchase.

  • Commercial sale

  • Commercial purchase

Residential sale or purchase


My fixed price for a  standard sale or purchase of established residential property is $1195 plus GST and expenses.​  


For a sale $450 plus GST and expenses is payable production of your Section 32 (and Contract if applicable) with the balance payable on the day of settlement.

For a purchase my fees are normally payable at the end of the transaction (settlement).    

In all cases I will provide you with a Cost Disclosure statement at the start of the matter.

What are expenses ?


Expenses are  usually referred to as disbursements.  These are the cost of certificates and searches that I incur to comply with the law (sale) or to protect your interests.  These include  title searches and other property searches from rating authorities and other Victorian Government Entitles such as the Ministry of Planning & Environment and the State Revenue Office.  For a private sale expenses are normally about $100 plus GST.  if you are a member of an owners corporation you will also incur a $160 fee for an Owners corporation Certificate.  Certificates and searches for your purchase normally cost about $225 plus GST but this figure varies depending on what certificates are needed to protect your interests.  I pass on the cost of these certificates without any loading. You pay what I pay.

Commercial sale


  • Sale of a tenanted commercial property $1795 plus GST and expenses.

  • Sale of vacant commercial land $1450 plus GST and expenses.

Commercial Purchase


  • Purchase of commercial property (tenanted) including review of lease and advice on lease terms, $1995 plus GST and expenses;

  • Purchase of commercial property (vacant) $1695 plus GST and expenses.

SMSF purchase

  • Purchase into an SMSF (no loan) $1595 plus GST and expenses

  • Purchase into an SMSF (limited recourse loan) $1895 plus GST and expenses  

When will additional legal fees be incurred?


The above estimates are for routine conveyancing transactions completed in accordance with the Contract of Sale.  Additional legal fees apply for non routine work such as managing disputes and preparing and negotiating changes to your contract of sale.  For full details, please ask me to provide a Cost Disclosure statement.


A pre-contract purchase report (a legal review of your section 32 statement and contract and a written report) are priced as follows:

  • $400 plus GST for an established residential property;

  • $600 plus GST and expenses for off the plan vacant land; or

  • $750 plus GST for an ‘off the plan’ apartment/unit or commercial property.


Pre-Contract reports must be paid for in advance by deposit to my trust account.  If you would like a pre-contract purchase report please email the contract and section 32 to and I will send you my trust account details for payment to be made.

Please see tabs ‘Conveyancing – Residential Sale‘, ‘Conveyancing – Residential Purchase‘ and ‘Commercial Conveyancing‘ for more information.