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Buying a residential or commercial property is a huge investment and most people want the best legal advice about that investment.  Initially I will do a legal review of your section 32 statement and contract, and then give legal advice about any issues that appear from that review.   I will alert you to any lurking issues such as unapproved structures, buildings over easements, service availability and the vendor’s ability to transfer title to you.  I will tell you about any common law restrictions recorded against the title and their effect.  I will direct you to the enquiries you should be making, the first of which is to read the ‘due diligence checklist’ (go to the online version here).    I will investigate title to ensure there are no ‘unknowns’.  I will search to obtain details of any Orders or Notices against the property to ensure any issued prior to contract are dealt with before settlement. Failing to do this search can cost a purchaser tens of thousands of dollars because Council will hold them responsible for compliance after settlement.  Ideally you should come to me pre-contract, so I can warn you of any issues, and make changes to the contract to protect your interests.


I am a Solicitor with more than 20 years’ experience in Property, Wills and Estates.  I will use my experience across all of these areas to guide and advise you.  For example, if you buy your property in one name, what are the estate planning issues arising from this? Is your will up to date?  What stamp duty and land tax consequences will arise out of your decision making? Do you need to see an accountant or a financial planner about CGT?  How will your choices affect your pension entitlements? Do you need to see a financial planner?  I will advise on all these matters and manage every aspect of your purchase personally.    My legal fees are set out at fees.

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