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You have no idea how many clients ring me saying they need a conveyancer to do their conveyancing work.   Whilst most understand that Solicitors are significantly moire qualified than conveyancers, they seem to think Solicitors don't do conveyancing work..  Let me clear this up.  Conveyancers can only do conveyancing work. They don't have a law degree.  Solicitors  have a law degree and can manage ALL your legal needs, including property law and conveyancing.  Not only that, they will value-add with their experience in other non-property areas such as taxation, family law and estate planning.  

My experience over the last 30 years spans all aspects of property law and includes residential and commercial conveyancing.  As you can see,  there are significant synergies to be gained by using a property lawyer for your conveyancing needs rather than a conveyancer.   I will always add value by helping you structure your asset ownership for the best estate planning and tax outcomes.  I can also  manage all your estate planning needs 

Also note that Solicitors  mostly charge fixed rates for conveyancing.  You may be very surprised how competitive they are with those of conveyancers.   Feel free to call me for a quote. 

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA's) normally come to mind when our nearest and dearest are starting to age.  Please don't wait till then!  A person must still have sufficient mental capacity to give me instructions for their EPA.  Therefore, you should do this when you are still in good shape to listen to my legal advice and work through your preferences.  Most people are unaware how important an enduring power of attorney can be.  For example,:

  • if you have made a binding death benefit nomination for your superannuation, and then lose capacity to renew it, it is important that you have appointed an Attorney who is authorized to renew that nomination in the same terms.  Your super is often your biggest asset, so this is SUPER  IMPORTANT. 

  • Appointors of Family Trusts also need an EPA to ensure succession in that role in the event they lose capacity. 

  • For sole directors of companies and people with SMSF's, an EPA is imperative.

When I meet with you to take instructions for your Wills, I will also help you structure your ownership of assets in a way that best suits your estate planning needs, and advise you about superannuation.

When you are an executor of a will, the legal steps necessary to obtain Probate can be confusing. I will help you navigate the Probate process or, if there is no will, the steps necessary to appoint an administrator of the estate.

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