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  • Simple Will* $625 plus GST (couple making mirror wills $1195 plus GST).

  • Prices for Wills will increase with their complexity; however, it is rare for me to charge more than $850 plus GST for a Will.


  If  you are unsure what a simple Will comprises, please give me a call to discuss.  Some examples of wills that are not simple are those where:

  1. There is the prospect of a will challenge for further provision under the Administration and Probate Act.

  2. The will maker being the Trustee or a Director of the Trustee of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).  If you fall into this category I will refer you to another practitioner;

  3. The will maker being a trustee of a trust or the director of a company (non SMSF).  If this is the case please bring your Trust Deed and Company constitution to our meeting.

  4. The will maker requires an equalization between the will maker’s children, perhaps due to earlier gifts which created an inequality and which the will maker wishes to equalize on their death;

  5. The will maker being in a relationship with someone who is not the parent of their child or children.

  6. The will maker being a member of a blended family.

  7. Stepchildren.

  8. The creation of long-term interests such as a lifetime right to occupy of a discretionary testamentary trust.

  9. Complex gifting arrangements.

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